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TBN publishes congress volumes and monographs that are within the scope of the series as described in the Editorial Statement.

Submitting a book proposal to the editors
Though the series primarily aims at publishing congress volumes, monographs are very welcome. Dissertations can also be submitted as book proposals to the editorial board. Authors wishing to present a book proposal should write to one of the editors listed in the
Editorial Board section. Please add a table of contents, and a brief description of the work and its intended audience, expected length, and information on the schedule for completion of the manuscript.

Submitting a paper for a forthcoming TBN Conference

Please contact the editor(s) in charge of organising the conference. These can be found on
conferences & calls for papers page.

Organising a TBN conference at your institution
A TBN conference can be held by a single institution’s faculty, but also in cooperation with other universities abroad, thus positioning the institution in an international setting. A good example of such cooperation is the
recent joint conference held at Durham (involving the universities of Durham, Toronto, and Manchester). In case you have plans to organise a conference at your faculty about a particular narrative or specific theme (possibly in collaboration with another university), then please contact our Editorial Board. Suggestions for narratives and themes you can find here. The list is not exhaustive. The proceedings will be published with Brill.

If you are not sure which editor should consider your work, then please contact the Series Editor to TBN:

Drs Freek van der Steen, Brill Publishers, Leiden
c/o: Eikenstraat 39, 1326 AG Almere, The Netherlands
E-mail: • Phone: (+ 31) 36 537 4525 • Fax: (+ 31) 36 537 7249
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