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[ editorial statement ]
Themes in Biblical Narrative publishes studies dealing with early interpretations of Biblical narrative materials, in the broad sense. The series includes congress volumes and monographs.
       Publications are usually the result of a reworking of papers presented during a TBN-conference on a
particular narrative, e.g. the Balaam story, or a specific theme, for instance: 'clean and unclean' in the Hebrew Bible, or: 'the ru'ah adonai and anthropological models of humanity'.
      Having treated the basic texts for this narrative or theme, other contributions follow its earliest interpretations and receptions throughout the subsequent phases of
ancient Judaism, early Christianity, and if appropriate Islam. Also studies which illuminate the successive inculturations into the various Umwelts - the Ancient Near East, the Graeco-Roman World - are included. Extensions to modern Bible receptions and discussions of hermeneutical questions are welcomed, if they are related explicitly to the study of early receptions of Biblical texts and traditions.
     Contributions to the series will be written by specialists in the relevant literary corpora. The series aims on a broad audience of scholars and advanced students of theology, linguistics and literature. Planned are two to three publications each year.

The Editorial Board:
Prof. Dr.
George van Kooten, University of Groningen, The Netherlands
Prof. Dr.
Robert Kugler, Lewis & Clark College, USA
Prof. Dr.
Loren Stuckenbruck, University of Durham, United Kingdo
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