The Creation of Heaven and Earth
The Creation of Man and Woman
Paradise Interpreted
Eve's Children
The Fall of the Angels
Interpretations of the Flood
Sodom's Sin
The Sacrifice of Isaac
The Revelation of the Name
Balaam's Prophecy

Israel in the Wilderness
The Significance of Sinai


The Covenant with Abraham
Samson: Hero or Fool?
The Ru'ah Adonai and Anthropological
    Models of Humanity
The Day of Atonement (Leviticus 16 & 23)


available are for instance:

Aaron (NT: Hebrews)
Adam, fall of Adam
Altars, see sacrifices

Animals, see also sacrifices
Animals, unclean and clean (dietary practices of Jews)
Ark of the Covenant (Exod 25-26, 37, 40; Deut 10, 31; etc.; NT: Hebr, Rev)
Astrology / Astronomy / Calendars
Atheism, see also God, denial of existence of

Babel, Tower of (Languages) (Gen 11) to be combined with glossolalia (1 Cor
     12-14), the language of angels (speaking in tongues); Languages; future one,
     number of; specific languages
Babylonia (Babylon); see also Exile (Babylonian Captivity)
Banquet, Messianic (Isaiah 25.6, see Gentiles)
Baruch (Neh; Jer)
Blood (Gen 9; Deut 12)

Canaan (entrance into; country of; gods of; Canaanites)
Circumcision / Foreskins (Gen 17, 21: Abraham & Isaac; Gen 34: general rule;
     Exod 4: Zippora; Deut 10: foreskin of the heart; NT)
Covenant (with Noah - Gen 6, 9; with Abraham - Gen 15, 17; with Moses - Exod 34;
     with David)

Daniel (fiery furnace; kingdoms); Daniel Sages
David (son of David, Messiah as); Jesse (David's father - 1 Sam 16-17, 22, 25; 2
      Sam 20, 23; Isaiah 11.1, 11.10; NT: Matth 1; Luke 3; Rom 15.12=Isaiah 11.1,
      11.10); Nathan (2 Sam 7); David, David and the Psalms (more than one vol.);
      David and Goliath; David and Saul; David and Bathsheba; David, Salomon
      and the Temple;
Day of the Lord, Visualisations of The Day of the Lord
Death cults, (e.g. the woman of Endor; Ezekiel's visions)
Dietary practices of Jews (eating together; blood, eating and drinking of); see
     also Fasting
Dispersion, see Jews in dispersion (OT LXX: Deut 28.25, 30.4, Neh 1.9, Ju 5.19, Ps
     138[139].tit, 146[147].2, Isaiah 49.6, Jer 13.14, 15.7, 41[34].17, 12.2, 2 Macc 1.27);
     Diaspora; in 2 Baruch; Jubilees; Sib. Oracles; Test. XII Patr.; NT: John 7.35,
     James 1.1, 1 Pet 1.1)

Egypt, The Plagues of Egypt (Gen 12.17 - Abraham; Exod 7-11); The Flight from Egypt (the Exodus; Exod 12)
Elijah, The death of Moses / Elijah taken up to heaven
Elijah near the Kerith (1 Kgs 17.1-6)/ the Widow of Zaraphath (1 Kgs 17.7-24)
Enoch's Assumption (Gen 5)
Exile (Babylonian Captivity) (2 Kgs 24; Isaiah; Jer; etc.)
Exodus (Ex 14; 1 Kgs 6; NT: Hebr)

Feast of Booths (Lev 23; Deut 16, 31; Ezra; Zech)

Gentiles (end of; protection against; idol worship by; as instruments of wrath;
     intermarriage; judgment of; Messiah's slaying of; at Messianic banquet;
     predicted Israeli rule of; salvation of) (Abraham - Gen 12, 17, 18; impurity of
     the nations - Lev 18.24; knowledge of God's Name among the nations 1 Kgs
     8.43; judgement of the nations - Pss; submission of the nations - Pss & Dan
     7.14; assembly of the nations in Jerusalem - Isaiah 2.2, 11.10 [=Paul], 60.5
     [=Rev]; banquet for the nations - Isaiah 25.6; light for the nations - Isaiah 49.6,
     51.4, 60.3; house of prayer for the nations - Isaiah 56.7 [=Mark 11.17]; see
     further Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Zechariah, etc. etc.); see also nations; see also
     Israel, as light to nations, at Messianic banquet; see also Nations (God
     revealed to all in Test. XII Patr.; perishing of); see also Pagan gods (the gods)
     -- Israel and the Goyyim: The Noahite Covenant & the Covenant with Abraham
God as Most High
Gog and Magog
Golden Calf/Calves (Exod 32; Ps 106; 1 Kgs 12 [Jerobeam - two golden calves;
    2 Kgs 10, 17]; Hosea 8, 10, 13 ['the calf of Samaria'] ; Acts 7; Philo; Barnabas)

Hades / Hell
High priest
Holy land
Holy Spirit / Spirit of God

Idols (idolatry; idol worship), see also Golden Calf
Isaiah (a.o. Euripides' possible agreement with; Virgil, future golden age)
Isaiah, Vision of
Isaiah, The calling of Isaiah

Jacob, Ladder of  (Gen 28) (Apocalyps of Abraham); Israel; Jacob as Jacob-Israel; Jacob as 'man seeing God'; Jacob's Ladder
Jacob's Wrestling near the Jabbok (Gen 32)
Jerusalem (destruction and fall of; heavenly Jerusalem; lamentation over;
     restoration of; return of Jews to)
Joseph and his Brothers
Joseph Stories, Dreams in the

Law (Law of Moses; on Mount Sinai)

Manasseh, The conversion of Manasseh
Manna (bread from heaven)
Martyrs; Martyrdom and the Maccabees
Melchizedek (Gen 14)
Michael (Dan 10, 12)
Moses, The death of Moses / Elijah taken up to heaven

Noah; Noachian law (blood in Noachian law)
Noah, The Sons of Noah and the Division of the Earth

Patriarchs and Matriarchs
Priesthood (corruption of - in Psalms of Solomon, Pseudo-Philo, Test. Levi, Test.
     Solom.); see also Eli (1 Sam 1-4, esp. 2.13, 28, 35) - Eli and other corruptions of
     priesthood; see also High priest; Melchizedek; sacrifices; temple


Sabbath (Gen 2.2-3; Exod 20; Deut 5) (God's rest on; observance of; profanation
     of; refusal to fight on, etc. etc.)
Serpent, Bronze (Numb 21)
Shechem, Joshua and the covenant of Shechem
Sleep / dreams / visions (Joseph stories; Jacob)

Temple, criticism of - and sacrifices
Temple, profanation of (Antiochus IV; Pompey; Caligula; Vespasian; Hadrian)
     (Ezech 44.7 desacrilization of God's House; Dan 11.31 mianousi to hagion)
Tree of life (Gen 2; Rev 2.7)

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